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What is needed to have a website?

To create your web page you only need a domain, hosting, a name and a design to structure the content of the page. It is also essential to be clear about the usefulness of the site; if it will be only for consultation purposes, if it will be destined for sales or if it will be a means to schedule appointments for some type of service.

Otro aspecto fundamental del desarrollo de una página web es tomar en cuenta las medidas de privacidad, es necesario contar con un aviso de privacidad que se adecue a los servicios que se deseen brindar por medio de la página web.

What is a web server or hosting?

The term "Web server" can refer to either hardware or software that serves Web sites to network users -- or both, in some cases, hardware and software working together. In other words, it is where your website will be hosted, the one responsible for saving each image, text or video that is uploaded to your website.

What can a graphic designer do that I can't?

A graphic designer does more than just put their creative skills to work, for while most graphic designers are intuitively creative, they often spend time studying numerous design principles and finding new ways to bring clients' ideas to life.

Graphic design is not based solely on a theoretical study, rather it is a discipline that is complemented by the inspiration obtained in nature and in life itself, achieving the perfect balance between technique and creativity.

What can a graphic designer do that I can't?

A graphic designer does more than just put their creative skills to work. Although most graphic designers are intuitively creative, they often spend time studying numerous design principles. But it is not only a theoretical study but rather an inspirational one, searching in nature and life itself for inspirations to increase their creativity.

How long will it take for an agency to give me results?

The speed in obtaining the results is directly linked to the strategy to follow. A mixed strategy that must contemplate various aspects such as Website Design or Landing pages, strategies that will be used such as PPC o Pago Por Click (por ejemplo a través de Google Ads y Facebook Ads entre otras plataformas), Social Media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) y el Email Marketing. Estas estrategias deben dar resultados inmediatos y visibles que irán mejorando en cada ciclo.


What factors does the total cost of creating a web page depend on?

In the case of development, the cost can be low if it is a simple website or with few elements, but the cost would be higher if you need custom features or functions that require more complex and elaborate programming.

What are the benefits of having social networks for my business?

Among the benefits that social networks offer you is that of acquiring new clients, interacting with them and mainly being able to humanize the brand of your product or service through interactions, since this will inspire confidence in potential clients and customers. It will motivate them to consume our content. In this way you can achieve popularity on the internet, improve your positioning and increase the web traffic of your page.

What is graphic design and what does it include?

Graphic design is a visual creative process that combines elements of text and images to communicate a specific message. Elements such as typography, figures, backgrounds, content distribution, color palette, and in general the visual identity of the brand depend on this. It is important to take these last aspects into consideration since the first impression of the client depends on this.


What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is one that focuses especially on sales and action channels through conventional media; direct sales, sponsorship, the press, radio, television, written media or fairs and exhibitions are some of the most common channels of this type of marketing to achieve its objectives.

On the other hand, digital marketing uses the techniques most related to the digital medium and the Internet to develop a more direct and personalized type of communication with users, using techniques and strategies such as Brief, Branding, Ad Tracking, SEO, etc. Blogs, Email Marketing, Community Management, among others.

How to know that the campaigns really leave profits?

It is important to have the analyzes released by the networks to verify that the responses were positive and that there was really an interaction with the content, even if it is possible to carry out virtual surveys on the efficiency of the strategies.
Además de las interacciones, hay de tomar como referencia las ganancias generadas antes y después de las campañas para hacer un contraste y verificar la efectividad de la campaña, además de considerar el presupuesto invertido en la campaña.

What is a domain name?

The domain (www.mycompany.com) is a unique name or code that will serve to identify the website. Ideally, keep it short and catchy, as this will be a name that users will be able to easily remember.


How to get followers fast?

There is no magic wand for it. Start by promoting your page among friends and acquaintances and publish relevant and quality content. Another point that we must remember is that you must stay active and your community participating, since this will favor your algorithm and this will allow your networks to be recommended to more users. This complemented with other strategies will considerably increase your number of followers.

Where is graphic design used?

You'll find graphic design in company logos, printed materials such as brochures, posters, signs, greeting cards, postcards, business cards, billboards, and advertisements. Advances in technology have brought us the digital environment with websites, online advertisements, virtual brochures and presentations, and much more.


How much does an Online Marketing campaign cost?

Everything will depend on the scope: It is not the same to compete with the number one food vendor nationally, to want to highlight a small law firm locally in the city. The cost will always be equivalent to the scope you want to achieve.


Where can I see the campaigns they have carried out?

Te invitamos a visitar el apartado de portafolio para revisar los proyectos en los que hemos participado, de igual manera te invitamos a ponerte en contacto con nosotros si tienes más dudas al respecto.


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